Liberty High School Leading Innovation – Algebra II

Liberty High School Leading Innovation – Algebra II

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Liberty High School began our quest to identify a promising practice by asking for teachers to share their ideas on what they want to learn more about and try in the classroom. The LHS Department Chairs voted to fund Eniola Ajayi’s project as we have not seen large increases in our math scores on the ACT and have found a decreasing level of confidence in student perception of their ability to successfully learn math. We wanted to take a first step towards instilling a more positive culture of growth mindset in our students around math. We thought sending a teacher to a national conference to gain a fresh perspective would help us network and begin thinking about how we could make learning visible in this important instructional area.

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As a lead learner, Eniola, came back and met with her team to share her findings, strategies, and ideas gained from the conference. She used some of her professional learning funds to sub herself and another teacher out to dive into the essential standards and to rearrange the order of Algebra II to best meet the needs of their kids. By spending time collaborating and sharing best practices for teaching, these teachers gained clarity in content and discussed strategies for raising the level of collaboration and engagement within their classrooms.

Next Steps:

Eniola is now looking for grants to help financially purchase a class set of high quality graphing calculators to provide additional instruction in solving problems and viewing their answers graphically. By leveling the playing field for all students, she would be able to give kids experiences to solve complex problems by seeing multiple representations of the data, thus improving their understanding of Algebra II.

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