Liberty North Leading Innovation – Humanities

Liberty North Leading Innovation – Humanities

Humanities 10 teachers Ronnie Lathrop and Kimberly Brownlee asked their students:

What story is worth telling?

The students researched and found that many stories worth telling were from individuals and groups affected by world wars, revolutions, and global conflicts. Students analyzed the short term and long term effects and presented their findings in a gallery event. Additionally, students engaged in a film study to enhance their understanding both the context of the conflict they researched as well as film techniques that highlighted the culture and conflict represented.

student project

Teacher Reflection: “This was the most successful research project we’ve done all year. I credit that to student choice in terms of partners and film analysis (and thereby the history behind the film) and the fact that at this point the students have become master researchers. The level of progress from where they were in September to where they are now has been very pleasing. I have two students who struggled early on and their project was absolutely outstanding.” – Ronnie Lathrop

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Student Reflection: I thought the project was intriguing. I liked how the history and the film went hand in hand and learning the techniques of filmmaking. I liked my project because my topic was the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and it is not as well known as it should be.



Humanities 10 students have been researching human rights violations while exploring the historical, cultural, and societal implications. Through the creation of a multi genre artifact project they have been developing empathy and a deeper understanding of both world history and the impact it has on individuals. Ronnie Lathrop and Kimberly Brownlee have utilized project based learning in combination with cooperative structures to enable their students to dive deeply into content while also refining their research, reading, and writing skills.


Teacher Reflection: The variety of means students used to present their research was outstanding. The kids are becoming masters of historical research and the synthesis of their understanding went beyond our expectations.


Student Reflection: I researched human rights violations all over the world. I found violations where you would not expect them. I liked creating the different artifacts because I got to be creative.

multi genre projectstudents sharing projects


Humanities 9


Using history and contemporary situations Liberty North humanities 9th graders had to explain how they would fix one of the immigration issues the United States currently faces. Led by Kelly Lock and Josh Baldwin, students studied both the history of immigration in the United States as well as the currently reality. Students had the opportunity to pen pal with students from East High School in Kansas City, MO who had immigrated to the United States and took a field trip to meet their pals in person on Oct. 11.

Teacher Reflection: Students had the opportunity to see the world a little more, beyond the walls of Liberty North. There was a perspective that the East High students could give that we can’t replicate in the classroom. It is so much more impactful to meet and talk with an immigrant from another country and become friendly with them.

Student Reflection: I didn’t realize that the kids would be this nice. I am happy to be at Liberty North and I am very thankful for what I have now.

LMC Students meeting with pen pals

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