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The district will recruit, develop, and retain highly-qualified faculty, staff, and leadership
who possess the skills to support students in academic, personal, and social growth.


The district will provide all students with access to a technology-enhanced
curricular and instructional program. Students will be able to demonstrate their
understanding of responsible and appropriate use of various tools and platforms.

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Newest Resources

Explore the newest resources below and find content tailored to help you advance sustainability in your department.

Rehearsing Full Orchestras with Confidence

While attending the American String Teachers Association National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a clinic was presented over having Full Orchestras at the middle and high school level. Knowing that[…]

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Orchestra- ASTA Convention

One of the sessions I attended was titled, “Help! I keep running out of bow! Strategies for Teaching Slow Music in the string orchestra classroom,” presented by Molly K. Baugh[…]

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Dyslexia Knowledge and in Music

I attended the American String Teacher Association National Convention March 6th-9th.   One of the many sessions I attended was on Dyslexia.  It was a general knowledge about dyslexia and then[…]

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Student Creation with Augmented & Virtual Reality

FETC 2019 Description: Learn skills such as animating student created VR content, annotating 360 images, 3D modeling, and student help stations or tutorials using a variety of AR tools. Lastly, explore[…]

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Digital Portfolios-From Google to Bulbapp

From FETC 2019: Come see how simple and helpful it is to create a Digital Portfolio using Bulbapp. These portfolios are student-owned, allowing the students to take pride in their[…]

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Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today

FETC Session description: With the vast disparities of inequity that have existed for centuries, all that is known about how students learn, and the predictions regarding the world that our students[…]

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Drum, Dance, Play the American Way!

Drum, Dance, Play the American Way Chris Judah-Lauder’s workshop “Drum, Dance, Play the American Way!” was an excellent example of the  true Orff teaching method: speak, pat, play. She took[…]

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Not Tuned at the Factory: Helping Students Become Self-Correcting Intonation Machines

Here are handouts from this intonation clinic.  

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MMEA 2019 – Before Heading to the Repair Shop: How to Keep Rehearsal Going (Orchestra)

This highly recommended session was presented by Allan and Matt Wyatt of Wyatt Violin Shop (Indepence, Missouri).  They provided substantial knowledge regarding instrument care, useful measurements, and  “emergency repairs” to[…]

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Intonation workshop

Here is some great information about tuning and how to improve the intonation of your ensembles.

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